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Fords Apartment Complex



To make older buildings more energy efficient, upgrade systems, and have the repairs pay for themselves through realized energy cost savings.



Pro-Tec was contracted to participate in an energy saving master plan for a 17-building complex in Fords, New Jersey. An energy audit and management company that serves the Tri-State area developed the plan. This company plans and manages projects that are designed to conserve energy by improving upon and upgrading existing systems.


The first job Pro-Tec tackled was to eliminate the gaps in the exterior wall system. This work was performed to lessen potential heat loss and cold air intrusion. Pro-Tec removed and replaced the exterior sealant at the intersection of the air conditioning sleeves and the brick masonry walls.

Pro-Tec also made repairs to the kitchen exhaust vent hoods. The spring closures on the existing vent hoods were broken, which in turn prevented the vents from working properly. The open vents created an attractive habitat for nesting birds. The extensive network of bird nests and associated excrement created a biohazard. The nests also prevented airflow through the duct system and created a potential fire hazard. Pro-Tec removed the old kitchen exhaust vent hoods and replaced them with newer models that were more energy efficient and operated properly. The new models were sealed with urethane sealant and spray foam. This method enhanced the tightness of the duct system, eliminating avenues for heat loss and cold air infiltration.

Pro-Tec also fabricated and installed new attic hatch closure sections as another improvement to combat unwanted air flow.

These retrofit improvements have resulted in substantial energy savings, which continue to translate to measurable cost savings to building ownership.


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Monday, 04 December 2023