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Keep it Straight... Consider This

Have you ever had a waterproofing contractor caulk your window glazing joints or wet seals? This is the joint where the metal window frame meets the glass.

Typically there are factory gaskets that have been installed and are original to the window system. Over time these gaskets dry rot, shrink and begin to fall out. That is when leaks begin to occur. You then call a waterproofing contractor to remove the gaskets and replace them with new silicone joint sealant, known as "wet sealing".

Here's a common problem most property managers overlook:

In an effort to save time and money, most waterproofing contractors don't tape the joints when installing new wet seals. The property manager may think, "Hey this is good news! The job gets done faster and for less money!" But there is much more than meets the eye.

If you look at the new joints from the outside of the building, they typically look okay. But if you look from the inside, you will quickly notice that the caulk joints are not straight and clean. They are actually wavy, irregular, and not aesthetically pleasing.

Pro-Tec always tapes off your building's joints prior to caulking to ensure a straight clean edge. This way when you or your tenants open the shades and look out the window, your eye is not drawn to the irregular, crooked, sloppy sealant joint at the perimeter of the glass.

Our goal and focus as a professional structural waterproofing contractor is to always make the restoration repairs as invisible as possible and as close to original as feasible - just one of the important details that separates Pro-Tec from the rest.

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Monday, 04 December 2023