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Look Out for Trip & Fall Hazards

Winter 2014 was the roughest winter the east coast has seen in decades. The harsh conditions resulted in extensive damage that can be seen all around your building. The trouble spots that we are seeing most often are sidewalk, curb damage and other masonry elements.

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This is what we keep finding…

  • Sidewalks that have lifted and spalled due to frost heave and thermal movement, resulting in dangerous trip and fall hazards to tenants and visitors
  • Snowplow damage to concrete and Belgian block curbing
  • Deteriorated concrete from excessive use of salts and deicing chemicals and exposed rebar reinforcing
  • Extreme contraction of the building façade’s substrate due to extremely cold temperatures resulting in failed expansion and control joints
  • Spalled concrete and roof planter coping stones caused by frozen water and moisture within the concrete

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips, trips and falls, are the most common type of office injury, sidelining 25,790 workers in 2008. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) defines a trip hazard as any vertical change of ¼” or more at a joint or crack in walkway surface. These trip and fall hazards are important to address as they expose property owners and managers to potentially expensive litigation.


You can avoid these potentially expensive legal costs by taking a quick site tour of your property.

  • Inspect your sidewalks.
  • Inspect stairs and landings for broken concrete, uneven treads or risers/steps.
  • Inspect transition areas where dissimilar materials meet.
  • Be sure that stairs are properly pitched to deflect water.

If you find any of these issues on your property, Pro-Tec will gladly provide you with an estimate. We can help you provide a more safe environment for tenants and visitors.

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