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Pro-Tec’s NEW Proposal & Job Management Portal - Q&A

The rollout of Pro-Tec’s Proposal & Job Management Portal (the “Pro-Tec Portal”) was announced in our previous newsletter.

While the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, many of our valued customers have asked for a deeper understanding of the Pro-Tec Portal’s features and benefits and how it works.  Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the Pro-Tec Portal?

A: It is a cloud-based database of bid and project information that has been implemented by Pro-Tec and custom designed for our valued customers. Each customer has been set up with their very own unique account.  At the press of a button, you can now access your up to date account file containing all your Pro-Tec related bid and job information dating back to January 2012.

Q: Why was the Pro-Tec Portal developed?

A: The concept behind the Pro-Tec Portal was envisioned by Jim Murphy, President, as means of providing our valued customers with full access to their bid and job information in an organized and easy to use method. After working closely with property managers for close to two decades, Jim is constantly amazed at the amount of multitasking property managers are required to do on a daily basis in order to stay on top of their game.  The typical property manager has dozens of vendors they deal with on a daily basis, ranging from landscapers, HVAC contractors, waterproofing contractors, snow plowing, electricians, carpenters, roofers, cleaning companies and so on. Generally, a proposal or bid is required from each vendor prior to the award of a service contract. In many cases, two or three bids are required for each trade.

This endless supply of proposals and bids can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Proposals get lost or misplaced, often requiring the contractor to resubmit another proposal and reschedule another site visit, which is not an effective use of your time, or the contractor’s. In many cases, once the job is awarded, there are change orders, blue prints, job photos, sign-off sheets, AIA documents, color samples and a myriad of other job related documents.

Pro-Tec sat down and spoke with property and building managers from various companies to find out how we could help make your life a little easier. The “Pro-Tec Portal” was born.

Q: How does the Pro-Tec Portal work?

A: Existing customers have already been set up and may begin using the portal immediately.  New customers will receive an email notification with login information to access the Pro-Tec Portal.  Just log onto our secure server with your email address and unique Pro-Tec issued password to gain access to the proposals submitted along with information for jobs Pro-Tec has performed for you since 2012.

Each time Pro-Tec sends you a proposal via email, the Pro-Tec Portal is automatically updated with a copy of that same proposal.  This allows you to have access to job photos, bids and project specific information available 24/7.  The Pro-Tec Portal is completely secure.  Proposals and other documents are stored in a PDF format and are accessible on your Smartphone!

Q: How does the Pro-Tec Portal help Property Managers?

A: It helps save you lots of time and energy while allowing you to be even more organized!  With valuable information at your fingertips 24/7, including bid and job information, before and after photos, this invaluable tool helps you to develop budgets and forecasts, track completed work by Pro-Tec, manage job-related warranties, prepare due diligence reports, and have important bid and job-related information on hand for meetings.

Some examples of how Pro-Tec Portal helps property managers: Let’s say your boss is due to show up tomorrow at your office for a surprise visit.  He/she may be looking for what’s in your budget for exterior building repairs and waterproofing.  All of this information is at your fingertips, without having to make a single phone call requesting to have your bids resent.  The Pro-Tec Portal may contain before and after photos of your project.  This is especially useful when you need to justify to your boss why spent budgeted dollars on power washing the building entrance for example.  You can view and print the documents you need by logging onto the Pro-Tec Portal.

Q: How do I access the Pro-Tec Portal?

A: Simply log in and view your Pro-Tec bids and job information. New customers will receive their login information via email.  Existing customers have already been set up and can begin using the Pro-Tec Portal immediately.  By accessing your account you may retrieve up to date bid and job information dating back to January 2012.

Simply go to

Enter Account Name: (your email address)
Enter Password: (provided by Alisia)
New Password: (you may change your password to something easy to remember)

Questions or concerns? Please contact Alisia Rueda at 973-428-8868.


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