When it comes to exterior building maintenance, our favorite product is StoCoat Lotusan. StoCoat Lotusan is a smooth, above grade exterior wall coating that is used on vertical surfaces including concrete, stucco, masonry and EIFS. What makes this product unique is Lotus-Effect® technology. This coating literally keeps building facades completely clean, which in turn extends your maintenance window. Power washing of your building facade will be virtually eliminated once StoCoat Lotusan is applied.

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Here’s how it works. StoCoat Lotusan produces a highly water-repellent surface. Its microstructure has been modeled after the lotus plant as to minimize the contact area for dirt and water. Once it has been applied to the building’s substrate, StoCoat Lotusan has been specially engineered to act identical to the surface of a lotus plant’s leaves. A lotus plant leaf is unable to keep hold of dirt particles. Dirt simply flows off with the rain droplets that fall onto the plant.

StoCoat Lotusan® Exterior Coatings features include:

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Check out this 60-second (somewhat humorous) video to see how the Lotus-Effect® technology of StoCoat Lotusan works. Pretty cool stuff!